Custom Language Support for Essential Viewer

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Essential Viewer has support for defining custom translations files for the static (aka chrome) text across Essential Viewer. Translations for instance data is handled in the repository using Synonyms. Use the following guide to configure a custom language file for Essential Viewer.

Configuring the Repository

  1. Browse to EA Support > Utilities > Language
  2. Create a new instance with the following properties
    • Language Code
      • This should follow the pattern of language (e.g. English, German) followed by context, e.g. gb (as spoken in Great Britain), de (as spoken in Germany), mycompany (as spoken in my organisation)
      • Examples could be: en-gb, de-de, en-custom, en-mycompany, es-mx
    • Name of the language in English
    • Name of the language in natively
    • Description
  3. Browse to EA Support > Essential Viewer > Report Language
  4. Create a new instance with the following properties
    • Language
    • Description

Configuring the XML file

  1. Visit our Essential Viewer GitHub repository and download a zip file of the latest release
    • https://github.com/essentialproject/essential_viewer
  2. Extract the zip and locate the languages folder
  3. Select the appropriate base language file you wish to work from. For example, if you wish to customise the German translation then choose de-de.xml. If you wish to have an empty translation file, choose the en-gb.xml file.
  4. Copy this file to a new location and rename using the language code you specified earlier. For example, en-custom.xml
  5. Modify the file to add your custom translations into the “value” attributes in the file.

Configuring Viewer

  1. In the Data Management application, browse to Configure > System Administration > Customise Essential Viewer
  2. Select the Viewer where you wish to add the custom language (e.g. Viewer 3)
  3. Create a new folder in the root of the user folder called “language”
  4. Browse to your newly created language folder
  5. Upload your custom XML file to the language folder
  6. Publish the repository to the appropriate Viewer

From here you should now be able to select the language in the user settings dropdown of Viewer

Updated 18 June 2024

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