Getting Started (What is Essential?)

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How Does Essential Work?

Facts about your organisation are captured into Essential’s central, enterprise architecture-focused repository, allowing data that is often siloed by organisation or type of data to be joined up. The Essential Viewer then presents this information to you through a series of beautiful, interactive views, allowing you to analyse and make decisions based on a complete understanding of your organisation.

  • Anyone in the organisation can help create the enterprise architecture – Essential enables people to capture data without having to understand the business model
  • You capture the facts about the organisation and their inter-relationships; Essential generates views to provide clarity and enable analysis for decision-making
  • Skilled enterprise architects can focus their energies on value add activities
  • You don’t draw pictures, you let Essential create the visualisations
  • Essential uses advanced algorithms to work out where there are potential issues, opportunities and risks

Data in and out of Essential

The Essential Architecture Manager

Essential Architecture Manager allows you to Capture Data, Import Bulk Data from external sources, Publish to the viewer and View the Reports and Dashboards to undertake analysis.

More details about how to use each of these functions can be found below

Capturing and Maintaining Data

Bulk Data Imports

Publish a Repository

Viewing Your Architecture Model

Updated 3 November 2023

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