Information Modelling – Information Concepts

2 min

Information Concepts capture the fundamental types of information that are used across the enterprise. This tutorial describes how to capture your Information Concepts in Essential Architecture Manager.

The Information concepts are the fundamental types of Information that are required to enable the business to run. e.g.

  • Cost, Stock Volume, Production Order

Creating Information Concepts

Once you have identified the information concepts that you need to capture, navigate to the Information Conceptual section of the meta model (in the Class Browser) in the Information Layer and highlight the Information Concept. Create a new instance.

You need to give the concept a name that succinctly describes what it is and select which Information Domain it belongs to. The concept may be used or viewed in many Domains, but you need to define which Information Domain the Concept belongs to. e.g., a Customer Credit Profile is used in various parts of the business, but it usually belongs to the Sales and Marketing domain.

Once you have completed these, complete as much information as you can at this time.

Updated 31 October 2023

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