Technology Component Catalogue and Summary

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The Technology Component Catalogue provides a list of the Technology Components for the enterprise. It can be displayed as a table or list.

The Technology Component Summary provides an end-to-end summary of the key relationships that exist for a logical Technology Component.

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This is a view which shows the technology components which are implemented by technology products and are realised by technology capabilities.


You this view get an overview of the technology components which exist in your IT infrastructure and detailed information on the technology capabilities and products they are associated with.

Data Required

Meta Model

Data Capture

In Cloud/Docker, navigate to the Technology Component class, and select a technology component you want to add a product to. In the Realised By Technology Products, add the technology product. Ensure to populate the required slots: Technology Provider Playing Role and Role. If the technology product does not exist when selecting Technology Provider Playing Role, create one. Name the Technology Product and associate it with a supplier in the Product Supplier Slot. Add a supplier if it does not exist. Add the product lifecycle in the Technology Product Lifecycle Status slot. In the Technology Provider Delivery Model slot, add the delivery model

NB You need to add a Technology Product Role which is the role a technology product is playing to support the component.

In the Realisation Of Technology Capability slot of the technology component, add the technology capabilities being realised.

View Set-Up

If the report is not enabled then go to EA Support > Essential Viewer > Report and find Core: Technology Component Catalogue as Table, Core: Technology Component Catalogue by Name, and Core: Technology Component Summary, tick Enabled to ensure that the views are displayed in the Essential Viewer.

Updated 31 October 2023

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