Identify the data required, data sources, and population method

2 min

Identify data required and available/accessible

  • What data set would be required – what is ‘must have’ and what is ‘nice to have' for the views

  • Where will the data be sourced from?

    • If it is already mastered in another system, look at building an integration with the APIs we have available

    • If it is held in a spreadsheet or similar, does the scope of the launchpad cover it, or will it need extending?

  • What is the quality of the data – does it need tidying up before it can be used, is it available across the organisation or for a subset?

  • If data is missing can you add placeholders while you source it?

Map data to prioritised stakeholder needs

  • For each priority, is the availability and quality of data sufficient to support the objective?

  • Who will maintain the data on an ongoing basis and how?

  • Reprioritise based on these factors

Create an outline project plan for the delivery of value drops

  • Dependent on the size most value drops can be completed in 4-8 weeks

Discuss and agree with the Stakeholders

Updated 31 October 2023

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