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Navigating through the intricacies of digital transformation can be challenging. Essential makes Eye Rightit easier by reducing the complexity, ensuring strategies align, promoting operational efficiency and resilience, fostering sustainability, and minimising potential risks throughout the journey.

The Essential EA tool offers in-depth insights into organisational relationships or interdependencies, pinpoints opportunities and risks, and provides clear decision-making guidance.

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Fantastic ROI

A return on investment that can be achieved in weeks


Speed to Value

Deliver value in weeks, not months, to get your enterprise architecture creating value fast


Actionable Insights

Get insights into your enterprise architecture to allow you and your stakeholders to make informed decisions

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Simple Pricing

The EA Tool with clear, transparent, predictable pricing, so you know what your spend will be regardless as to the number of users you have or the amount of data you use

Great Views

Essential views

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The only EA tool rated Visionary on the Gartner MQ

With a powerful feature set and simple data capture, it’s the world-class Enterprise Architecture tool built by enterprise architects. Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company or a small municipality, Essential Cloud helps you manage your EA effectively with simple data capture and insightful visualizations. With a low-cost of just $19,500 per annum, you get a fully featured EA Tool with a very fast return on investment.

Regardless as to whether organisations use TOGAF, DODAF, FEAF, or another framework, the Essential Meta Model has the flexibility to map to other enterprise architecture frameworks and bring them to life.

Latest Research

The Gartner® report, How to Build a Minimum Viable EA Team Internally, discusses the willingness of organisations to use external consultancies or new hires to start their EA Team, without realising that this does not always achieve the best results.  Read the report to understand the recommended approach to “use “quiet hiring” as a cost-effective way to fill talent gaps to develop a minimum viable EA team.”

Complimentary Gartner® Research


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Most People We Speak To

Essential is clearly built by people who are EAs

Lead Architect, Retail

The ROI was achieved within a few weeks

Lead Architect, Manufacturing

Being data-driven allows much more consistent data than diagram driven

Lead Architect, Entertainment

It’s the first EA tool our Chief Architect found that does what he wants

Lead Architect, Banking

I can show the views to my CIO and discuss them with him

Chief Architect, Services

It’s the ‘go to’ tool for our Procurement team.  They use Essential to identify tools we already have when people try to bring in new tools.

Chief Architect, Retail

The breadth of views is fantastic

Chief Architect, Insurance

I don’t need an army of consultants to deliver value


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