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Established in 2000, our firm is purely focused on enterprise architecture (EA). We passionately believe that EA, if properly implemented and managed, can provide huge benefits through better understanding of an organisation’s current and future business operating models. Our mission is to make complex organisations easier to manage by revealing the impact of strategic decisions on their structures, processes and systems, and by helping maximise their efficiency, focus their investments, and build a foundation for future success.

As management consultants and practising enterprise architects, we use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients derive real business value from their EA investments.

The Essential Project is a world-leading EA tool developed, initially, to support our EA consulting. It is now used by organisations of every size globally. Our transparent, low cost, self-service software model is described by market analysts as disruptive to the EA tools market, and was designed based on our personal experience of seeing the other EA vendors offering complex pricing, needing armies of consultants to support implementation and delivering poor return on value.

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