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Digital Transformation

As companies continue to embrace technology, digital transformation tools are becoming increasingly important. Essential can help organisations to understand the impact of these changes, how it impacts the organisation and its people, how to align technology with business goals and ensure that the right systems and processes are in place to support digital initiatives.

Cloud Computing / Migration

Cloud computing offers many benefits, including cost savings and scalability, but it also requires careful planning and strategy. Essential can help organisations to determine the best approach to cloud adoption and ensure a smooth transition.

Emerging Technology: AI, Machine Learning, IoT

New Technologies are emerging all the time and, as a consequence, the way business operates is changing quickly. These changes present many challenges, not least in terms of security and data management. Essential can help organisations to understand how to incorporate these technologies into their operations, manage the risks and leverage it to drive business value.


As cyber threats continue to evolve it is important for organizations to be able to identify potential vulnerabilities, understand the impacts and implement appropriate controls to mitigate risk. The Essential Technology Security Vulnerability Analysis view maps the vulnerabilities released by NIST NVD Database to your technologies, highlighting where you have a vulnerability and, crucially, how this impacts your applications and your processes so you can fully understand the severity and take appropriate action.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations is a key need for CROs.  The Essential Framework Manager provides a solution to managing any control based regulation, such as ISO or NIST, to ensure that not only are the processes in place to ensure you remain compliant, but that the assessments of you applications, technologies and processes are also completed, monitored and reviewed.

Lifecycle Management

Ensuring that your products, both technologies and applications, are up to date and supported, and understanding the impact on the business area of any breaches, is a mandatory requirement. The Lifecycle View that manages the lifecycles of both Technologies and Applications and provide the detail of impacted elements.

Application Rationalisation

Understanding key metrics about your application estate, such as which teams use them, where there is duplication of functionality, costs and integrations, allows an organisation to make informed decisions about rationalisation. Crucially the Essential meta model has the fidelity to support decision making. Many tools take a simple short cut of mapping applications directly to capabilities – this provides a high level “picture” but not the detail to allow decisions. The Essential Meta Model allows the detail to be captured and represented in easy-to-use editors and dashboards.

Impact of Change

Understanding the impact of a change to an application is crucial to ensure unknown impacts do not arise. This covers organisations, processes and products, other applications and information flows and also, from a procurement perspective, suppliers and contracts. Essential allows this to all be available at your fingertips.

Cost Management

A key aspect of managing an IT portfolio is managing costs. A detailed understanding of the IT estate, including duplication, and use across the business is required to allow costs to be cut whilst supporting the business in achieving its strategic goals.

Data Quality Management

Quality of data is obviously crucial but knowing where there are different stores of the same data, and which is the most accurate and up to date can be a key mitigating factor. Essential has views that allow you to understand the dependencies between data, processes and applications, and demonstrate the impact of poor-quality data on the business. It provides the information required to make informed decisions about your data.

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