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Essential University is where you can follow tutorials on the Essential meta-model, how to configure and use the tool and how to get views to work.

  • The Essential Overview is a high level view of Essential with key links to Getting Started in the Tool

  • How to be Successful with Essential introduces the Essential Delivery Cycle and covers where to start with an EA initiative

  • The How to Use Essential section covers general set-up and how to use Essential, such as importing data, maintaining data, publishing and Admin tasks

  • The Essential Meta-Model area shows meta-model diagrams for the core and support layers and key relationships between classes

  • EA Tutorials explain the purpose of the classes in our meta-model with examples.

  • How to Populate Essential Views explains the data needed to get specific views working

  • The Open Source section covers some of the specifics of the Open Source setup

  • FAQs

  • The university also has a search function so you can find information quicker and also we have FAQs at the end.

  • If you can't find information then please raise a ticket or post on the forum and we'll try and get the University updated.

IMPORTANT: The videos may use Essential Cloud, however, if you are an Open Source user, whilst the interface may look different, the meta-model and views are the same, so you can still follow the video and it will work.

Updated 31 October 2023

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