Set Up Support Tools

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There are various tools available in Essential to help you get started quickly and easily. These range from where to start with your architecture initiative to creating placeholder data in Essential.

Links to the tools can be found below:

  • The Essential Playbook – Based on EAS’ many years of consulting experience the Essential Playbook outlines different starting points and a process to follow for different EA objectives
  • Free EA Models – Industry Business Capability Models and Business Process Models based on APQC are available to import for organisations that don’t have this data yet
  • Using Essential Set-Up Manager  – Essential Set Up Manager provides automatic creation of industry specific data for Business Capabilities, Business Processes and Application Services, allowing you to get started with your modelling from a list of Applications and Organisations only, enhancing the data as it becomes available
  • Essential Portal Configurator – Easy set up of organisation-specific portals. Also allows easy configuration of colours and styles in views.
  • Roles
  • View Set Up
  • Enumerations

Updated 31 October 2023

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