Value Streams and Customer Journeys

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Value Stream and Value Stage – Value Streams and Value Stages allow you to model your ideal Value Streams, ie the experience you would like your customers to have. The link to the Products/Services that you offer and detail the Initiating Events and Conditions and the Outcome Events and Conditions. For each Stage within a Stream, you can understand who your target clients are, how you want them to feel, for example, satisfied, happy, excited, the entrance and exit events and conditions and you can also assign KPIs to measure each stage.

Customer Journey/Customer Journey Phases – Customer Journeys and Customer Journey Phases allow you to capture the actual customer journey and experience that your clients have had – as opposed to the one you have designed in your Value Stream, and against which you have made various assumptions, ie sales targets. In an EA world, we are looking at what in your organisation could be the cause of this difference and indicate where you could potentially resolve any issues, for example, a particular process or application causing the issues. Customer Journeys Phases map to the conceptual Value Stages and also to the Physical Process that supports the Customer Journey Phase. The Customers Ratings and Emotions can be recorded for each phase.

TIP: We do not expect full Customer Journey Modelling to take place in Essential, rather than the relevant output from detailed customer journey modelling would be imported into Essential to allow us to understand how the assets in the architecture could be impacting journeys and how these can be improved if required.

The main classes involved in Value Stream and Customer Journeys are as follows:

Conceptual Layer

  • Value Stream – An an end to end collection of activities that delivers an outcome for a customer

  • Value Stage – An activity that, as part of a Value Stream, contributes to the delivery of an outcome for a customer

Logical Layer

  • Customer Journey – Represents a customer persona's typical experience over time when engaging with an enterprise

  • Customer Journey Phase – Represents a key touchpoint in a Customer Journey between a customer persona and an enterprise

  • Business Condition – Class to manage the definition of Business Conditions that determine whether a process can begin, or can be completed

Physical Layer

  • Persona – Represents an archetype of customer groups that engage with an enterprise

EA Support/Enumerations

  • Customer Emotion – Defines an emotional state of a Persona when engaging with an enterprise

  • Customer Experience Rating – Defines the positive or negative level of a Customer's Experience when engaging with the enterprise

Updated 31 October 2023

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