User Management and Security

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Add more users

You can add as many users as you like. Create new users using “Manage Users” in System Administration under Configure. Watch the How-To video on Managing Users.

Adding Security Classifications

In Cloud/Docker

Users newly added to Essential are assigned default access rights. These default rights can be changed according to your organisation’s data security and user management governance policy, within System Administration. Watch the Default Values for New Users for guidance.

How to set up and configure security can be found at Managing User Security.

In Open Source

Security is much more limited, you can restrict who can access a multi-user repository but will have to do the work on your AD. For Viewer, again you can restrict access to the viewer as a whole but not to the content. We suggest you create a specific portal for public use and switch off some of the menu items.

How to assign Security Classification Group Clearance Levels to users

Users can then be assigned to Security Classification Group Clearance Levels for either Read or Edit clearance. See Managing Repository Users

How to apply Security Classification to elements in the repository

The Security Classifications Group(s) can then be applied to elements in the meta-model. See How to Apply Security Classifications and Security Classification of Views and Elements for more information

Updated 31 October 2023

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