Security Classification of Views and Elements

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You can secure specific instances and views within Essential Meta Model and manage access control within a given repository by applying security classifications to your user based on clearance levels.

NB You can create your security classification or utilise Essential’s pre-defined General Security classification levels. The General Security classification levels are:-

Management:- This is a low-security classification

Partial View:- This is a medium low-security classification

Executives:- This is a medium-high security classification

Unrestricted View:-This is a high-security classification

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After applying security classification clearance to a user, you can then apply the security classification to an instance or view in the meta-model.


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Applying security classification to an instance

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Applying security classification to a View

How to classify specific Views and other elements of the repository, such as portals, or applications.

Updated 22 January 2024

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