Server Reboot

2 min

For Multi-User installations running on a Windows platform, a scheduled reboot is recommended to run at least weekly. This helps to avoid the connection pool issue with the MySQL JDBC driver and to ensure the overall stability of the server. However, the process of rebooting is the same for all installation platforms.

Reboot Process

Rebooting the Essential Architecture Manager server should be performed as follows:

  • Stop the Essential Architecture Manager server. See Stopping the Protege Server (Windows) or Stopping the Protege Server (Mac OS X, Linux, Unix) for details.
  • Initiate the restart of the physical server host (i.e. your Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. server)
  • When the server has restarted check that the Essential Architecture Manager has restarted successfully (assuming it is configured to restart automatically).
    • You can check for the “Server is waiting for connections” message in the /logs
  • If the Protege server has not started successfully, attempt to start it.

Updated 31 October 2023

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