Application Summary

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The Application Summary View provides a detailed overview of applications and the data that is related to a given application.

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The first tab displays Application Details, here you will find basic information about an application. The name, description, supplier. Key Information can show lifecycle status, codebase, delivery model, disposition, and purpose. And in the Organisations & Roles section the organisation that is responsible for managing the application, with the role that is being played.

The other tabs, Application Services, Business Processes, Integrations, Technology, Application Cost, Application Data, Application Lifecycle, Application KPIs, Plans & Projects, and Other.

You can fill these tabs using the Application Editor.

Application Details Meta Model

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Application Services

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Related application services

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Add this data to your applications to fill the Application Services screen

Business Processes

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Business processes supported by the application

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How to add business processes to your applications.


 Kdrmnrwlmmrwant9c Z Integrations

Application integrations with quick access to the Application Dependency Model for a more detailed view of the integrations


Pprdikkumr6x Ysoij7im Teechnology

Application integrations with quick access to the Application Dependency Model for a more detailed view of the integrations

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This model demonstrates how to relate technologies to your applications.

Application Cost

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Costs related to the application

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Use this to add your application costs.

Application Data

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Related data objects and subjects

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This model shows how to add related data to your applications.

Application Lifecycle

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The application lifecycle

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This model shows how to add a lifecycle to your applications

Application KPIs

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Key Performance Indicators for the application

Plans & Projects

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Plans and Projects related to the application

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Other information and data


This View is used to get a detailed look at applications and the relationships they have with data. You can use the dropdown at the top to quickly switch between applications and the Tabs on the left to tidy up your data and make navigating to these areas quicker.

Updated 22 January 2024

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