Cloud and Docker – Set-up

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To import data into Essential Cloud you need to create Import Settings

Setting up your data import(s) for the cloud.

Import Utility for Essential Cloud & Essential Docker

Setting Up the Import Utility

First, you need to set up the Import Utility. From the homepage click on the Import Settings tab

Step 1

Reference Repositories

FOR Cloud and Docker

To define a new import setting, set the Reference Repository ( Production, Pre Production or Sandbox) in which the import will be based on in terms of classes and slots defined by ticking the relevent checkbox . Click New. **

**NOTE: You only need to update the Reference Repository if new classes or slots are added to the meta-model. If you add a new one, make sure the Reference? box is ticked.

Step 2

Data Sources

To define a data source click New. In the ‘Create Source Repository’ window, add the name of the data source, usually a spreadsheet. Click OK.

NOTE: You will need to add a new data source each time you want to create a new type of import.

Step 3

Go back to the homepage and select the Manage Imports tab.

To set up a new Import Activity Click New and the ‘Create Import Activity window will appear.

  1. Name the activity
  2. Select Excel as your import type
  3. Choose the Data Source you set up in Step 2
  4. Click Upload and navigate to and select the spreadsheet to be imported, e.g. the Launchpad spreadsheet
  5. Ignore the other fields and click OK


Updated 22 January 2024

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