Enterprise Architecture Navigator

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Allows dynamic navigation between published instances held in a repository

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A view which provides a linear view of all the connections between a given class element. This view is useful for checking how elements held in the repository relate to each other.


You can use this view to gain insight into the interconnections between the knowledge held (elements) in the repositories and published to the Essential Viewer. Select from the dropdown list of class types, then Class instance. Click on Go.

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Instance Navigator Query

The displayed result shows a list of other classes, slots and relationship elements to which the selected class instance is connected.

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Instance Navigator Query Results

Click on the “eye” icon next to the result items to display a lineage between the selected class element and the selected class, slot or relationship element.

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Instance Navigator Query Results Lineage

Data Capture

The view works on the data captured either by bulk import, editors or manual entry in the Enterprise Data Manager, held in the repository, and published to the Essential Viewer.

View Set-up

If the report is not enabled then go to EA Support > Essential Viewer > Report and find Core: Core: Enterprise Architecture Navigator and tick enabled to ensure that the Enterprise Architecture Navigator is displayed in the Essential Viewer.

Updated 22 January 2024

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