Styling the Viewer and Adding Branding

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Essential Viewer can be configured to fit with your organisation’s branding and look and feel. This tutorial looks at the main opportunities for customising the look and feel of Essential Viewer, e.g. to fit in with your organisation’s Intranet.

Fonts and Colours

The look and feel of Essential Viewer is controlled by its CSS file that can be adapted to fit in with your organisation’s colour scheme. A deployed instance of Essential Viewer has the CSS file in the following locations:

Essential Cloud

  1. Navigate to Configure > System Administration > Customise Essential Viewer
  2. For the required viewer(s) edit the file user/custom.css. You can either edit directly or download, edit and re-upload the file.

Essential Open Source

  1. [webapp/your_essential_instance]/user/custom.css


Images should go in the user/images folder

You can save your company’s logo into this folder and configure the repository to use your logo in the header.

See    for video instructions on how to brand your viewer. Note: Open Source users, drop your logo into the user/images folder and watch the video from 1.05

Updated 31 October 2023

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