Launchpad Plus

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The Launchpad Plus extensions use data that is exported directly from your repository to allow you to easily populate additional, more advanced views at any time. They all require some data that is captured in the Launchpad Foundation, which will populate pre-completed worksheets, plus additional worksheets that will need to be completed.

You can then get the relevant teams to maintain this data using Everyone’s Essential Editors and move onto the next area of focus.

The following Plus Loaders are currently available, populating the Views listed

Strategic Plans:

Advanced Application Dependencies

Control Frameworks, ie ISO27001, NIST

Strategy Planner (including Customer Journey)

Technology Reference Models

Technology Lifecycles

  • Technology Product Lifecycle Analysis

Lifecycle Management

  • Lifecycle

Supplier Contract Management

Application KPIs, to define measures against your applications

  • Application Landscape

Value Streams and Customer Journeys

You can use the Launchpad Views – and how to populate page to understand which worksheets are needed for the views you want, or conversely what views will light up with the data you have.

The Launchpad Completion page contains detailed instructions on completing the Launchpad to ensure the data is correct and the views will work.

How to use Launchpad Plus with the Import Utility. (Requires Launchpad 4 and Essential Viewer v6.5.2)

Updated 22 January 2024

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