Strategy Management

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The class allows you to capture data to support roadmap(s) for your organisation’s planned changes using the enterprise strategic drivers, objectives, needs, issues and risks. An example question which could be answered is …what is the Roadmap of planned changes to be made to your enterprise architecture over time?

Key Purpose:
Provides support for defining and managing architectural roadmaps, with milestones and timelines, which demonstrate how the organisation will move from one architectural state to another
Provides the ability to define Strategic Plans which hold the detail and dependencies of the transition from one state to another, the Objectives they support and the Strategic Requirements that will be resolved.
Assumptions, Constraints and Risks are defined against elements of the architecture which should be reviewed when defining Strategic Plans

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Strategy Management Overview


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Strategy Management Metamodel

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Strategy Management Metamodel

Data Capture

There is a specific data capture file for the capturing strategic management data which is pre-populated with data previously captured. The pre-populated file can be downloaded from the Support Section in the View Library.

We recommend capturing the foundation data in the Launchpad Foundation file first and then import before extracting the Strategic Plans Launchpad Plus file. This will allow you to capture additional data to populate the views.

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How to capture Strategy Management data


The views which show the data captured are Strategic Roadmap Strategic Plan Summary and IT Asset Dashboard

Updated 22 January 2024

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