Define a Technology Provider Usage

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When defining Technology Product Builds, we use Technology Providers and define the dependencies that exist between them in the build. This brief tutorial describes how technology products and other technology architectures are used to define Technology Product Builds.


Technology Provider is an ‘abstract’ class in the Essential Meta Model that covers both particular technology products – called Technology Product – and technology product architectures – called Technology Product Builds. By using the Technology Provider class, we can define architectures that are composed of products and other (sub) architectures.

A Technology Provider Usage defines how a particular Technology Provider (e.g. a product or another build) is used to perform the role of a Technology Component in a particular technology architecture. This link-relationship, connects 3 concepts together:

  • The Technology Product or Build
  • The Technology Component (class of technology) that the Product or Build is being used for
  • The context in which the Product (or Build) is playing the role of the Component.


To define a Technology Provider Usage:

Updated 8 February 2024

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