Filtering Views and Roadmap Framework

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Filtering allows you to filter views by different criteria and carry that filtering across the viewer. The filters pick up any enumerations, including any you create, alongside some predefined ones, including Business Unit, Geography, Product Concept, Business Domain, Roles (if you have defined any Actor to Role based relationships), and Content Status. Some or all of the filters will apply to the data, depending on the data set.

Content status uses whatever value you have set for the system_content_lifecycle_status of the instance. If this is not visible then you may need to unhide it, see Viewer and Portal Set-up and navigate to Un-hiding Classes/Slots on how to do this.

Note: whilst any enumerations you create will be picked up, you can also define your own more complex filters but need some coding to enable them, contact us for more information.


We have filtering on several views. The filters allow you to include or exclude specific data from a view, current filters include Business Units, Product Concepts, Geographies, Business Domain, Content Status and user roles. Any classes under the Enumeration class are also picked up automatically

Note that not all the filters may apply to some views.


Select the filter to apply and then the value, then choose whether to include or exclude that selected item. The filter will then be applied. Note, as you move to other filtered views, the settings will be retained.

You can use ‘Include’ to show elements that have the value you select, and ‘Exclude’ to not show the elements you select. You can combine a number of these to reduce the set of data in the view.

Data Required

For some views the filters are dynamic, picking up any enumerations, including ones you have added. For some key filters the mappings required are as below:

Business Units – uses organisations related to Processes and/or ‘application organisation users’ against an application. Note you can also set an EA scope on an application to be a business unit

Business Domain – filters business capabilities based on associated domains

Product Concept – filters business capabilities and processes based on associated product concepts

Content Status – filters based on the content lifecycle status

Geography – filters processes, applications

User Roles – filters based on user roles

Note: the filtering may not apply to all elements in a view, we will evolve the views to include all as we refine the data sets used in views

Further details about the Roadmap Enablement and Scoping Filters can be found here – Roadmap Enablement and Scoping Frameworks

Updated 31 October 2023

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