Identify Stakeholders and Concerns

2 min

A few key requirements for success:

  • Deliver value in small steps, don’t try to do too much in one go
  • Only capture data that is needed and that you can maintain, don’t capture data just
    because you have it
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities going forward, this is not a one-off task but
    an ongoing exercise

To identify key objectives and value drops:

  • Engage with your key stakeholders to identify their areas of concern – a good way to
    do this is to identify the questions they have that can’t be answered, or take
    a long time to answer, such as:

    • What applications support a business
    • What are the application/technology
      standards I should follow?
    • Where do we have risk?
    • Can we reduce costs?
    • And so on
  • Create a list of Stakeholders and their needs

The Playbook can provide inspiration

Updated 31 October 2023

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