Change Management

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The class allows you to capture data to support your organisation’s planned changes to your enterprise architecture. An example question which could be answered is ……what is the Implementation Plan for delivering the Roadmap in terms of Programs and Projects?

Key Purpose:

Provides the ability to define Change Activities which detail how the Strategic Plans will be implemented.
Change Activity is defined as Programmes and/or Projects that deliver Strategic Plans.
Projects and Programme have budgets associated with them

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Change Management Metamodel

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Change Management Metamodel

Data Capture

There is a specific data capture file for capturing change management data which is pre-populated with data previously captured. The pre-populated file can be downloaded from the Support Section in the View Library.

We recommend capturing the foundation data in the Launchpad Foundation file first and then import before extracting the Strategic Plans Launchpad Plus file. This will allow you to capture additional data to populate the views.

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Updated 22 January 2024

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