How to be Successful with Essential

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Have an objective and a value outcome

  • To be successful with Essential its important to define a realistic set of objectives to ensure that value is achieved quickly and then built on once embedded.
  • The Essential Delivery Cycle outlines a set of steps that can be followed to ensure an objectives is achieved. It should be completed in an iterative fashion – each step is explained further and has supporting documentation and videos on the following pages
  • It is important that each objective, or value drop is delivered with the maintenance method in place and the value measured before moving onto the next iteration
  • Steps to ensure failure include:
    • Trying to do everything/too much at once
    • Capturing data just because you have it without a defined reason or a means of keeping it
    • Not setting up your viewer or portal with the views that are relevant to the user

The Essential Delivery Cycle

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Updated 31 October 2023

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