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Enumerations define a recognised vocabulary of allowed values for a standard architecture
groupings such as lifecycle, codebase status, standardisation level etc.

You can use these to easily personalise the architecture for your organisation by adding and removing instances of an enumeration – make sure that you complete both the Name and the Enumeration Value slots.

The views display the value in the Enumeration Value slot, so you can also just change the value in that slot, for example, if we have an instance of Disaster Recovery, with that in both slots, but you know it as DR, you could just update the Enumeration Value slot to be DR.

You can also add to those available by adding your own Enumeration Classes, and an associated slot on the required class. See the video below here for an example.

If you want to add a new slot to a view you can see how to do it here, and there is further documentation on Creating New Reports

Updated 31 January 2024

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