Application Families

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Application Families

An Application Family provides a means to group a set of independent Application Providers that are ‘badged’ under or known by a single name. This can be particularly useful if you have found that you need to create two Application Providers that are both known by the same name in the enterprise.

Application Families are linked to Application Providers and allow you to model the fact that a number of applications are each part of an Application Family, e.g. yourOrgSAP_BW and yourOrgSAP_WM could be captured as being part of the Application Family, SAP or, alternatively, Oracle HR and Oracle Financials are part of the Oracle family.

Create an Application Family

Once you have identified what Applications exist in a particular area or project, navigate to Application Family, which is in the Application Logical Layer, and create a new instance. Against the Groups Applications slot, add the applications that are in the family. Either add applications you have already created or add new ones.

Updated 31 October 2023

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