Multi-user Back-ups

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In Multi-User mode, the Essential Architecture Manager repository must be backed up regularly. The repository operates in an online mode (where each update to the model is captured as it is made), so it is recommended that regular snapshots of the repository are taken. This article describes the elements of the repository that should be backed up and how this can be performed.

In the event of a significant error occurring in the repository, e.g. a bad import process from an external repository, these snapshots can be used to restore the repository to a previously known-good state.

Elements to backup

In a Multi-User installation, the following system components should be backed up (/EssentialAM/Repository is used as the default installation location of the repository, but should be inter-changed with your actual installation location):

  • Live repository configuration

    • /EssentialAM/Repository//.pprj
  • Live Repository database backups (see section below)

    • /EssentialAM/Repository/Backups/Database
  • Essential Viewer reports

    • /Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat5.5/webapps/essential_viewer
  • Essential Architecture Manager metaproject

    • /EssentialAM/Repository/metaproject.pprj, metaproject.pont and metaproject.pins

    • OR /examples/server/metaproject.pprj, metaproject.pont and metaproject.pins

  • Repository Change History (if using the Changes Tab / Collaborative Protege)

    • /EssentialAM/Repository//annotations_.pprj

    • /EssentialAM/Repository//annotations_.rdf

    • /EssentialAM/Repository//annotations_.rdfs

These elements should be covered by some form of off-line backup, e.g. tape, for use should the physical server fail.

Database Backups

The following backup jobs should be defined for the database that is storing the Essential Architecture Manager repository

  • Daily at, e.g. 22:00hrs

    • Output to: /EssentialAM/Repository/Backups/Database
  • Regular snapshot backups, e.g. 2-hourly

    • Output to: /EssentialAM/Repository/Backups/Database/Hours

Repository Configuration Project Backups

The repository configuration is file-based. The following backup scripts/jobs should be implemented, either

  • using Windows scheduled tasks to backup the repository configuration project files, OR

  • using cron jobs on Unix-based platforms.

Example Windows VBS scripts for these can be found in Server Backup Scripts. These will need to be tailored for your particular installation and can be used as a template for appropriate Unix shell scripts.

  • Backup the repository configuration file, e.g. at 22:01hrs (after the Database backup)

    • Output to: /EssentialAM/Repository/Backups

    • Windows task scheduler execution command:

cscript //nologo EssentialAMScriptsbackupRepositoryProjectDaily.vbs

Updated 31 October 2023

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