Technology Component Editor

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The Technology Component Editor allows you to capture and maintain data for your technology components, mapping them to your technology capabilities and associating technology products, and standards for those relationships.

This is a configurable editor so you can define the data that you can capture to best suit your needs.

Read the Editor Builder Documentation to better understand building and customising your own editors.  You may want to add your own slots, additional classes, additional tabs, etc to allow increased data capture from a single editor

configurable tech editor

Using the Technology Component Editor

Go to the Editor Builder, select the ‘Add From Library’ button and select the Technology Component Editor from the list. This will now appear in the list of configurable editors, where you can customise the editor components that define what data you can manage in this editor.

Create a new technology component or select an existing one from the list of technology components.

The data you want to capture should have been defined in the Editor Builder.

You will then see the tabs that have been added to the editor and the sections containing the editor components for data capture. You can use these to capture, edit, and maintain the data. For more information on configuring editors and editor components, see here.

Adding Technology Capabilities to Components

Updated 9 December 2023

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