Defining Technology Product Builds

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Technology Product Builds are used to capture logical technology architectures that describe the specific technology products that are used and the dependencies between them. This short tutorial introduces the Technology Product Build class and describes how they are modelled.


Technology Product Builds are used to define how Technology Products are brought together in a particular configuration that provides a technical platform for supporting IT systems. Typically, this may have been built in-house or be a specific architecture of Technology Providers, assembled to provide the specified Technology Component. This configuration (if we have those details) is defined in the Technology Provider Architecture.

The build can be used to define, for example, a product reference architecture build for elements of your technical architecture, e.g. you may state that all offices must use a specific build when implementing a certain technology.

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If we don’t have the details of the products that are used in the build, we can leave a Technology Provider definition as a ‘black box’ without a Product Build until we have or need that information


To define a Technology Product Build:

  • Give the Build a name and description
  • Create new instances of Technology Product Build Roles (see Define Technology Provider Role) to define Technology Components (often Technology Composites) that this Build implements.
  • Create a new Technology Provider Architecture for this Build
    • Create a Technology Provider Usage for each component in the architecture (see below)
    • Define the relationships between each component
A Technology Provider Usage defines how a particular Technology Provider (e.g. a product or another build) is used to perform the role of a Technology Component in a particular technology architecture. This link-relationship connects 3 concepts together:

  • The Technology Product or Build
  • The Technology Component (class of technology) that the Product or Build is being used for
  • The context in which the Product (or Build) is playing the role of the Component.

Updated 8 February 2024

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