About Our Maturity Assessment Tool: EAValuator

EAvaluator is a fully automated Enterprise Architecture maturity tool that takes the form of a comprehensive questionnaire backed by complex, rule-driven analysis. It is free to use and provides the results of the maturity assessment instantly. There is no need to fill out any forms or provide information about yourself or your organisation in order to assess the maturity of your EA capability.

This complex, rule-driven assessment is based on our extensive enterprise architecture consulting experience, as well as on the Architecture Capability Maturity Model (ACMM) produced by the US Department of Commerce.

How To Perform Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessments

Simply answer 16 multiple-choice questions, spread over four pages. The questions are both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative, to enable the system to set a score based on what is in place in your organisation. Qualitative, to enable that score to be weighted, based on how your Enterprise Architecture is being used.

When you’ve answered the final question, simply click “Assess Maturity”. EAvaluator’s sophisticated rule engine will analyse your questionnaire responses, assess your organisation’s EA maturity, and provide you with the results together with practical advice on how your organisation might set about improving its EA capability.

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