Essential Business Lenses – Business Transformation Tools

Solve your business problems using Essential Business Lenses based on the Essential platform.

Using a number of specialised views and algorithms, Essential can help you accelerate identification of opportunities in your organisation to support different business outcomes, such as portfolio rationalisation, IT transformation, etc. The lenses are switchable once a year, so you can utilise them for one programme of work then move to another lens once that programme is complete. You can also purchase solution lenses, such as Data Privacy, which are focused on addressing specific problems. These are priced individually.

Alternatively, you can pay us to build specific views for you. A complex view normally takes us a few days of effort, contact us to get a quote.

If you’re interested in any of these packs, working with us to develop new packs or want some specific views then we’d love to hear from you.

Transformation Packs

1 switch per year
$13,000 p.a.

Solution Packs

Specific Packs
Priced per Lens

Bespoke Views

View Development
$1,000 – $5,000 per view

Application Portfolio Management Accelerator (Our Business Transformation Tools Pack)

The Application Portfolio Management (APM) Software Business Lens provides a methodology and a service to support you in transforming your application portfolio. We provide the method, you capture the data, we’ll model the data and APM will tell you where your opportunities exist. If you are looking to rationalise your application portfolio to reduce cost or gain agility, then the APM pack should be your starting point.

Questions Answered

  • Is my portfolio efficient? Are we investing in the right things?
  • Where can I rationalise my applications?
  • What is the impact of changing my application estate?
  • Where are my costs? Can they be reduced?
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Data Management Accelerator (Transformation Pack)

The Data Management Portal presents the dependencies between data, processes and applications, allowing you to understand your data landscape, demonstrate the impact of poor quality data on the business and provides the information required to make informed decisions about your data.

This pack allows you to understand the data that is key to your organisation, know where and how it is used and ensure the quality of that data.

Questions Answered

  • What data do we hold and where is it used (by process and applications)?
  • What is the quality of my data across the organisation? Where do inconsistencies exist?
  • Where should I focus my data cleansing efforts to support the business best?
  • Where is data stored in my organisation?
  • Which applications are the source of truth for specific data?
  • What are my key data issues and how do they impact the business?
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