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Making complex organisations easier to manage

This is our mission.

The Essential Project enables understanding of an organisation’s structure and its assets against different business perspectives, such as strategy management, application portfolio management and so on.  You can utilise Essential’s analysis capabilities to deliver value through cost savings, re-use of assets, removing inefficiencies, etc.  Comprising a data capture tool, utilising an ontology based repository, and a dynamic viewer, with Essential organisations are able to uncover these opportunities to deliver business value quickly.

We make complex organisations easier to manage

Any large-scale organisation, be it a business, government agency, charity or academic institution, is difficult to manage. The problems are compounded by the impact of external factors such as changing customer demand, increasing competitive pressures or more demanding regulatory requirements, as well as by internal conflicts.

Within this dynamic situation the survival and prosperity of the organisation depends on agility: the ability to respond to change, make wise decisions, and redirect resources. A common problem impeding organisational agility is, however, lack of visibility of the relevant assets: the people, functions, processes, systems, information sources and technology platforms. Without a clear and shared view of these assets and their interdependencies, management decision-making is severely hampered and organisational change becomes a high risk game.  It becomes unpredictable in terms of its disruptive impacts and its costs.

Underpinned by enterprise architecture principles, we have developed Essential and its associated services to provide our clients with the means to make their organisational assets visible to management, and thus supportive of change.

Helping you understand how all elements of your business interact

In short, by making complex organisations easier to manage, the Essential enterprise architecture tool helps you understand how people, functions, processes, applications, data, infrastructure, suppliers and customers interact across the business, and how they support or hinder the business strategy. It also enables the impacts of changes to the business operating model to be assessed.

Essential allows you to ensure that IT is a key enabler of the business strategy by:

  1. Understanding the capabilities that are fundamental to achieving the business strategy, enabling priorities to be identified, and aligning IT and the business
  2. Enabling ‘Road Mapping’ and ‘What If’ analysis against your organisation’s current position to identify how IT can enable the business
  3. Highlighting opportunities for re-use, achieving business aims more quickly and at less cost
  4. Highlighting duplication, of applications, technology, process etc, allowing streamlining to increase efficiency and agility, and to reduce costs
  5. Understanding your data and allowing its power to be harnessed by the organisation
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To make Essential accessible to all

Our strategy is to make Essential and EA tool that is accessible, globally, to organisations of all shapes and sizes, and to provide solutions that deliver value according to the different needs of our diverse user base; from large global businesses, through government agencies and charities to medium sized enterprises.

We will achieve this by continuing to invest in developing and extending the core platform to provide broader business value; through additional views and low cost add-ons and services that will make it quicker to achieve value from Essential.

We are listening to the feedback from our clients and community, and are looking to provide the solutions and services that they demand. This will be manifested in:

  1. The development of Essential Cloud and the on-premise option, Essential Docker
  2. Quicker ways to get data into Essential, with view loaders being the initial offering
  3. Business-outcome focused lenses that provide the tools, views and methods to address common business problems
  4. Lower cost access to training
  5. Keeping the open source, protégé-based platform free and evolving, whilst providing additional services at a price point that is within reach of most budget holders
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