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The senior leadership team can use the Essential views to understand where inefficiencies, risks and opportunities exist within their enterprise. This information can be used to drive change such as digital transformation initiatives.

A clear picture of an organisation’s landscape creates a better understanding of how to implement strategic planning that focuses on providing value to customers and ensuring alignment between business and information technology.

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Head of Enterprise Architecture / Enterprise Architects

Enterprise Architects need to understand how people, processes, data, applications and infrastructure interact across a business. As an EA Management tool, Essential captures and joins together these different elements to enable an enterprise architect to spot opportunities to improve, reduce risk and assess the impacts of planned changes to the operating model. The interactive views and dashboards can be used to drive digital transformation, understand how to leverage emerging technologies, manage compliance, drive agility, analyse the impact of automation; there is no shortage of ways in which you can use Essential to add value.

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Business Architect

The ability to visualise the business capability model and overlay key areas such as strategic goals, potential process automation opportunities or how applications support the business is key to understanding how to improve efficiency and reduce costs. This strategic view of the business allows the business architect to engage with senior leaders across the business and IT to create compelling options to plan and implement architectures in line with strategic business goals

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Application Architect / Application Portfolio Manager

Essential provides views that enable an application architect to manage the complexity of the application estate, reduce the overall cost of IT and increase the speed of delivery, ensuring that the application landscape allows the business to achieve its strategy in the most efficient and effective manner.

Understanding application dependencies, where they send and receive information, the services they provide to the business, the technology they run on and so on, allows the application architects to work closely with the solution architects to utilise the application estate effectively and drive improvements.

Technology Selector

Technical Architect / Technology Manager

Essential provides a fast and easy way for you to understand your existing architecture in order to be able to make the right decisions about technology choices.

Essential will bring your technical architecture to life by visualizing, documenting and communicating it in such a way that you can quickly navigate its components—seeing dependencies, where you have non-standard solutions, technology and legacy risk enabling the design and implementation of solutions that are aligned with the overall business strategy and goals.

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Information Architect / Data Architect

Information and Data is the key to a successful business. Data Governance and Data Quality Management are crucial to ensure that the Information used by the business is accurate and timely. All the benefits espoused by Big Data are only possible if the data is relevant, available, and accurate. Essential enables the Information and Data Architects to define and implement a data management strategy and leverage data analytics to make more informed business decisions.

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Solution Architects

Essential provides a detailed view of the current state, including dependencies between applications, technologies, and services. It includes reference architectures and technology standards that give Solution Architects the information they need to identify the most suitable technology and design patterns to use in different situations, to ensure that they are implemented in a consistent and coordinated manner across the organization.

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Business Analyst / Business Process Manager

Understanding where processes are standard and where there are many non-standard processes is the first step to streamlining and automating business processes. This is also a crucial step in application rationalisation, a key driver of efficiency and agility for the business. The ability to clearly visualise processes, and to be able to link directly to process documentation and videos allows the analysts to quickly understand processes, inefficiencies and opportunities to streamline or re-engineer processes. It also allows the process managers to engage new team members in process enactment.

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Project Manager / IT Portfolio Manager / PMO

As a PMO or Project Manager it is crucial to understand the impact of change across a connected organisation. The interactive Essential views and dashboards allow these impacts to be understood across the entire organisation; if a project date or scope changes, for example, the impact on other projects, resources, applications etc. and, ultimately, the ability to meet the strategic plans of the business are highlighted. Understanding these impacts and dependencies means that decisions can be made with less risk and more chance of success.

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Chief Risk Officer / Risk Manager

Managing the risks faced by an organisation in today’s digital world, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance and keeping up with the increasing pace of change, can be challenging. Essential joins the dots across the entire enterprise landscape to allow you to understand and focus on the areas of greatest risk.

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