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Quick Answer: How to Build a Minimum Viable EA Team Internally

The Gartner® Report, How to Build a Minimum Viable EA Team Internally, discusses the willingness of organisations to use external consultancies or new hires to start their EA Team, without realising that this does not always achieve the best results.

Gartner® states that “EA leaders standing up a new EA discipline or renewing EA efforts must initially build a minimum viable team via quiet hiring of internal resources, and then grow the team, with external hiring or consultancy support, based on evolving business needs.”

At EAS we have often experienced this, noting that internal, non-Architect staff are often much more in tune with the needs of the organisation, setting EA Objectives that directly meet the organisation’s needs, rather than following a standard pattern that can leave the EA stakeholders questioning value.

Essential, our EA Management Tool, has specifically been built to reflect the real world, and we have also noted that non-EA staff are able to pick up the model and deliver benefit quickly, one of the best start up examples we have seen was a business analyst that was able to capture data and produce views to support the EA and CIO in assessing rationalisation options within a few weeks – they had no formal EA or architecture training but had many of the soft skills needed.

Read the report to understand the recommended approach to “use “quiet hiring” as a cost-effective way to fill talent gaps to develop a minimum viable EA team.”

Access the Gartner® report How to Build a Minimum Viable EA Team Internally, and contact us to understand how Essential can help your team be successful.

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Source: Quick Answer: How to Build a Minimum Viable EA Team Internally
6 December 2023

By Analyst: Akshay Jhawar

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