Ea Assistant2

EA Assistant – making it easier to get started with Essential

We’re delighted to introduce the initial iteration of The EA Assistant for Essential Cloud.  The EA Assistant is designed to make setting up Essential and getting started with delivering value from the Essential EA Tool much easier and quicker.

If you’re not sure where to start you can use our Coach, which is an enhanced version of our current Playbook Coach.  Simply answer some questions about your EA objectives and current team set up and the Coach will use AI to advise on how you should best approach your EA, what data you need to capture and easy ways to get your data in.

If you’ve already defined your EA Roadmap you can skip this step, and use it to create bulk data capture mechanisms specific to your objectives.

The EA Assistant can also be used by existing clients looking to expand their EA practise.  The coach can be utilised, or the next play selected, and the exports will contain all the existing repository data so it can be utilised in the mapping process.  If you don’t want to use the playbook you can jump straight to the Launchpad Export tab to define either the views you want to populate or the data you want to capture.


We’re continually working to make it easy to deliver value quickly with Essential, and we think this is a step-change in getting Essential set-up.

Contact us for a demo or to discuss how Essential can support your EA Team.

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