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New Views, New Editors and Updates for Roadmaps and ESG – Essential v6.19 Release Available Now


The v6.19 release has some exciting new functionality* including updated views for Roadmaps, Supplier ESG Ratings and Value Streams that provide further support for organisations looking to understanding how their IT supports the business and advance their strategic alignment and supplier management to ensure improvements are achieved.

We continue to advance our data management with a visual importer for Open Exchange XML data import, which can be used to import ArchiMate® models, and a whole host of new editors, components and widgets to ensure organisations can easily customise data capture and management to meet the specific needs of their organisation and the job roles they have in place.

For more detail on what is included, read on:



Editor Components (Cloud/Docker only)

There are now a whole host of additional Editor Components and Widgets to make it really easy to create your own custom editors to suit the needs of your organisation – from creating a simple one panel “survey” to elicit feedback from business users, to editors that can easily capture complex details required from your IT owners.

See the Editor Builder Instructions on the Essential University to see what is available

Library of Preconfigured Editors (Cloud/Docker only)

We’ve updated the Editor Library with more preconfigured editors that you can tweak to meet your needs – remove sections, add your own sections and slots, change the layout – it’s up to you what you want included and how you want it to look!

You now have the option to start from scratch or to take our examples and amend, if that makes it easier.  Editors available in the Library include (not limited to):

  • Strategic Plans
  • Value Streams
  • Business Model Portfolio Manager
  • Proposals
  • Application – with the new Integration and Deployment tabs
    And more…

Instructions for accessing the Editor Library and details of the Preconfigured Editors are available in the Essential University here

While we’re on Editors….

AI Support in Editors (Cloud only)

AI can already be used to provide descriptions of elements across all the configurable editors, so those that are available via the library.  This can save valuable time when adding standard items.

Bus Cap Ai Process Creation

Option to create Processes in the Business Capability editor using AI


We’ve now added AI to the Business Capability Editor which allows generation of Business Processes where you do not have them defined.  The functionality will suggest a set of processes for a given capability and you can select the ones to add, dependent on your own requirements.

See how to switch these options on in the Essential University here

Visual Open Exchange XML data import Importer (Beta) (Cloud only/Docker)

The new Visual Importer for Open Exchange XML data Provides support for ArchiMate® data import.  It is available in beta, so you will need to apply the DUP here to add it to your tenant.  The importer enables the import of classes and also relationships between classes.  We have suggested a mapping to the Essential Meta Model, but also added the ability for this to be updated to meet your own requirements, to cope with the fact that organisations are not consistent in their use of Archimate®

Open Exchange Xml Loader

Visual Open Exchange XML Data Importer


This includes views that were in previous cloud monthly releases

  • Support for Application Building Blocks (Platforms) via a new editor and view updates
    Provide the ability to easily add a set of required functionality, ie an ERP or HR system, and visually see overlaps and gaps
  • ESG Rating added to the Out of the Box Supplier Mapping view
    Provides the ability to rate your suppliers, based on your own scoring mechanism, and view an overlay on the Supplier Impact map
  • Value Stream Canvas
    A summary of the Value Stream across Organisations, Processes, Applications, Information and more
  • Value Stream to Application Mapping
    Swimlane mapping of the Applications used by Organisations in the Value Stream
  • Business Process to Application Mapping
    Swimlane mapping of the Applications used by Organisations in Business Processes
  • Roadmap Dashboard
    Improved support providing an overview of an Organisation’s Roadmaps, Strategic Plans, Supported Objectives and Impacts of plans
  • Application and Business Capability Catalogues
    We’ve added the options to pick the columns available, including any enumerations you may add, and we’ll be looking to roll this out across our catalogues

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This platform release contains both new and existing functionality released via the monthly releases process
This release is in Cloud now and will be available to Docker and Open Source in a couple of weeks


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