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Review of 2023

I think we can all agree that 2023 has been a challenging year, with the continued impact of conflict, inflation and an economic downturn.  Combined with concerns about sustainability, supply chain security and the struggle to recruit talent, the impact on organisations of all shapes and sizes has generally been a negative one.

From an EA Tool market perspective, we have seen a general tightening of purse strings and an increase in the length of buying cycles, with buyers having to prove the value of EA tools  much more rigorously in order to successfully navigate their procurement processes.

With this as a backdrop, we at EAS are especially proud that we have been able to demonstrate value and had a successful 2023

We have achieved:

  • Increased sales and new logos, consistent with previous years – a little unexpectedly given the market conditions
  • Employed some great new talent to the team
  • Delivered major enhancements to the Essential platform
  • Been named the only Visionary in the Gartner EA Tools MQ for the third year in a row


Quite a year!

John Mayall, Director, said “It’s been another good year for the company in trying times.  Recognising the reality of tight budgets, we’ve expanded the tool’s capabilities, simplifying the process of achieving success with Essential. This means that even those with limited financial resources can deliver meaningful value”

We’d like to congratulate everyone in the team for their hard work and dedication.  Additionally, we extend our sincere gratitude to all of our clients for their invaluable feedback and unwavering support

We’re really looking forward to 2024 and achieving even more…

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