Essential – the only Visionary EA Tool in Gartner MQ

For the second year running, we’re proud to say we have been listed as a Visionary in the Gartner MQ. As practising EAs this continued recognition proves to us, and our clients, that we provide an outstanding EA tool, with our price point and our tool capabilities combining to make us disruptive in the EA market.

What makes our tool so good?

  • It fully supports all EA functions from Strategy Management to APM, Technology Risk and more
  • Views and dashboards focused at different stakeholders, from technical teams to CxOs and business users, allows enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Zero training, easy data maintenance, so anyone can maintain their EA data
  • APIs to allow integration with other tools
  • One of the top-rated EA tools on Gartner Peer Insights

We’re constantly evolving Essential, and listening to your feedback, so, what’s coming next?

  • The ability to configure your own editors / surveys so maintenance can be specific to a user or a topic
  • “Auto Nagging” so you can set review timescales and Essential will provide targeted notifications to data reviewers, and provide management dashboards
  • Our own Integration Platform to allow easy integration to other tools including ServiceNow
  • Plus, we’re constantly providing new or updated views based on our user’s feedback

Why choose us?

We focus on business-outcome based architecture rather than framework driven architecture, meaning quick time to value.  We also believe that a good EA should be able to get value from an EA Tool without requiring hours of consultancy support.  There is undoubtedly some planning required to create a roadmap and define responsibilities, but these should be within the capabilities of an EA/EA team to define and manage without too much difficulty.  Essential provides such a tool and offers:

  • A self-service onboarding experience
  • A tool that is customisable to suit your exact needs
  • A culture of self-sufficiency, after completing any of our enterprise architecture training modules and/or using our tutorials & documentation, to further your skills
  • Support for advancement through maturity stages with an individualised, AI-based playbook to give low-maturity clients a route to success – supporting them in being successful and self-sufficient
  • A transparent pricing structure.  Unlike our competitors, where costs balloon as maturity and user numbers grow, our transparent, low subscription fee for unlimited users provides a reasonable and known cost, so there are no surprises when it comes to renewal

Our aim with Essential is to provide our clients with everything they need to either begin, or mature, their EA journey at an affordable price (~US$17,000p.a.).  We offer something for organisations of all sizes, with our clients ranging from Fortune 100 global brands to SME IT teams through NGO’s and Government agencies, and provide an excellent return on investment for all.

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