Essential Playbook – Play 8

Play 8 – Create Your Roadmaps

  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Target time: 6-10 weeks
  • Maturity: 0 to 4
  • Lack of clarity on what IT is delivering when
  • A need to reflect the business strategy and the impact on IT
  • An application catalogue
  • A list of projects
  • A list of technologies
  • High-level business processes (if possible)
  • Engagement with the Project Office
  • Understanding of the business strategy
  • Create strategic plans with the architecture elements they will be impacting
  • Work with the project teams to identify the plans they will be implementing
  • Identify the gaps where plans have no implementing projects
  • By plan, you can see the projects impacting different elements of the architecture and when
  • Enables discussion on dependencies and mitigation
  • Projects begin to work on optimal delivery schedules
  • PMO – project portfolio
  • Projects – project dates and architecture impacts
  • Engage PMO and projects – highlight dependencies and impacts
  • Engage business in how project portfolio can be reshaped to deliver quicker or at lower cost
  • EA closer to the project teams, value add through dependency analysis – builds credibility with projects and a keenness to engage architects
  • Credibility with the CIO as EA can demonstrate impacts on projects and dependencies, spotting potential threats to the overall project delivery
Steps A1.1T1.2B1.1B1.2S1.2A1.3
What Capture the applications with basic details and servicesCapture the technology productsCreate the business capability model with the BA, validate with ExecutiveIdentify the high-level processes and map applications that use themDefine strategic plans and the applications they impactCreate the projects that will implement the strategic plans
Usage Have a list of applications used that can be the anchor for the rest of the work. Define strategic applications in line with your target stateHave a list of technology products, ideally you would do T1.1 at the same timeWill be the anchor for application duplication from a business perspectiveEnables identification of duplicate application candidates in the business.See strategic plans applications implementing themSee Projects delivering the strategic plans
Interested Parties and expected response Business & IT Interested but not excitedCIO Interested but not excitedBusiness Interested but not excitedBusiness & CIO Interested, keen to discover more.Business & IT Interested in what is changingCIO Visibility of the change portfolio Projects Interested because interdependencies become apparent
ApproachBy Business Unit/Area By Business Unit/Area By Business Unit/Area By Business Unit/Area By ProgrammeBy Programme
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