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Improved Strategic Planning and New Views – Essential v6.18 Release Now Available

The next release of Essential has some exciting new updates that we hope you will find useful for your Enterprise Architecture initiative. There are some new and improved views to help you understand the data better and support the decision-making process.  We’ve also added some new tools to make Essential easier to manage across your organisation.

Highlights are:


  • Improved support for Strategic Planning: These updates allow clients to “roll the clock forward” to visualise the impact of their Roadmaps and Plans, and assess if they have met the Strategic Goals and Objectives that have been set:
    • The Roadmap and Scoping filters are now available on most views, allowing you to easily see the impact of your strategic plans on your organisation
    • The new Strategy Overview depicts the links between your Drivers, Strategic Goals and Objectives and the Plans and Changes that will deliver you strategy
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Business Strategy Overview

  • Improved Application Rationalisation support:  Containing more details on costs and impacts, and an Insights tab to visually illustrates available rationalisation and allow different options to be investigated
App Rationalisation Insights

Application Rationalisation Insights

  • Pre-view of our new view style Summary across key views classes as the Applications, making more data easily accessible to all users
  • Enhanced Information Reference Model:  More clearly depicting the links between Information Domains, Concepts and Views and the Data Objects required to populate that information



  • Portal Exporter:
    An often requested feature to allow user portals to be easily migrated across different viewers
  • Editor Builder Extended:
    The Editors are easy to use, with no EA knowledge or training needed, and the Editor Builder functionality allows clients to create their own capture forms specific to their organisations and the roles that need to maintain data. This allows real collaboration of EA across the organisation and makes the benefits available to a much wider audience
  • Content Governance – “Nagging” to ensure data currency:
    The nagging service allows clients to set timescales and responsibility for reviews and Essential will provide email reminders and dashboards to ensure the specified data to be kept up to date
    This is now in POC with a number of clients and should be released to all shortly.


The release will be available for the Cloud EA tool this weekend and Docker and Open Source will follow in a couple of weeks.  More details can be found here.

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