1,000 downloads achieved!

14/07 EAS General, news

The 1,000th download of The Essential Project was achieved a couple of weeks ago, just 4 months after launch!

Reaching the 1,000 downloads so quickly has confirmed that there is a huge demand for a new breed of enterprise architecture tool, and we believe that the free, open source licensing approach we’ve taken is at the forefront of this demand, enabling SME’s as well as large global organisations to reap the benefits of enterprise architecture.

We’re also delighted in the continuing growth of the Essential Project Community, with members hailing from all over the globe and from any number of market sectors, ranging from Academia and Government Agencies to Financial Services and Healthcare.  Judging by the diverse nature of the community forum discussions, use of the tool is also wide ranging: from supporting initiatives focused on managing application and technology architecture to more business and information architecture focused activities.

Our hope on launch was that the website would grow to provide a community where ideas, successes and failures could be shared, both in the use of and extensions to The Essential Project and on Enterprise Architecture in general.  The figures to date would suggest that this is beginning to happen, and we thank you all for your interest in the project and hope that the site and the tools are proving useful to you.

As always, we welcome any help people are willing to offer to further discussions/requirements on the Essential Project forums, or with developing the Essential Project meta-model and enterprise architecture management tools.

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