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We’ve been asked several times about training.  Obviously training can cover a broad range of topics.  In considering what type of training we might offer, we have thought about what would be useful to the people that are using, or will be using, the Essential Architecture Manager and tried to stick to our aim of offering things that are effective and add value.

We don’t think we should offer training that covers best practices in Enterprise Architecture or modelling techniques, but short courses, with a hands-on practical approach, that show how to use the Essential Project tools to achieve specific business goals, with clear value.  We’ve had a quick brainstorm of ideas based on what people have asked for and where we see Essential delivering value in the current economic climate.  The courses we think would be of use are:-
1.    Business Operating Model Planning and Control
2.    Application Portfolio Management
3.    Technology Infrastructure Management
4.    Managing Project Architecture Dependencies within Programmes
5.    Strategic Enterprise Architecture Definition and Transition Planning
6.    Essential Viewer Custom Report Development
7.    Essential Architecture Manager Administration

We think these would be 1 or 2 day courses, with a clear business case for each course to help justify the training costs.

We are keen to gauge interest in training, both in the types of courses that we have identified and also in the delivery method and location.  Are the courses the right ones or are there others we should be looking to deliver?  What would be useful?  If you think we’ve got it wrong or can give us more details on your views, please feel free to add a comment to this blog.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this.

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