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New View Style

We’re refreshing the style of our views as part of version 7, our first view in the new style, or close to what it will be, is the Business Capability Dashboard which was in the recent release.

This view allows the depth of the business capability model to be variable and match however many layers are modelled.  We can see in the view below that it is set to 4.  You can also choose the depth to view by simply selecting the level.


We are also introducing a new ‘slide in’ and ‘slide up’ style to the views.  We can see that the number of applications that support a capability is shown as a number against the capability.  Clicking the number slides in a panel that shows all the applications and clicking the arrow will show additional details for one or more of the applications.  You can also jump directly to an associated view of the information, in this case a rationalisation view. 

Clicking the “Show Details” button will slide up an additional panel regarding the application, in this case showing all the capabilities and processes supported, integrations between applications and services provided for that application.

To see a live version visit this page in our demo.

We’d be really keen to get feedback on this style, as we are looking to introduce it across our views going forward.

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