Gartner MQ Feedback – We’re Listening

EAS General

Although we’re delighted to be included in the Magic Quadrant so soon after releasing the commercial version of the Essential Project, we’re not resting on our laurels! 

We‘ve already made significant improvements to our support for innovation.  Our Ideation Management area allows organisations to support innovation and capture ideas, linking them to the organisational objectives that would be supported and highlighting the areas of the business that would be impacted/improved.  We’re already working to extend this functionality to support enhanced strategic alignment and corporate foresight, using Essential to capture strategic trends that could potentially impact the enterprise and using it to identify the risks or opportunities that could result from a given trend.  As a side note, there are some interesting podcasts from Marty Resnick and the Gartner team in this area, see here https://blogs.gartner.com/marty-resnick/continuous-foresight-podcast-roundup/ if you are interested.

Another area that we’ve significantly improved is in making data capture and maintenance much easier and more accessible to anyone in the organisation.  Our Editors, which we continue to release, make it simple for anyone that has the knowledge to update the data held in Essential, given the right permissions.  Our existing Cloud/Docker clients say this is a real game changer – according to their feedback, no tool does this better!  See a video on this page.

We’re committed to listening to our clients and the industry experts, as well as using our own EA consulting expertise, to continue to improve Essential and make it the tool that all EAs will want to use.

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