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How do we manage change in EAS – we use Essential of course!

How do we manage change in EAS – we use Essential of course!

We were talking to a client recently about the new Business Model Portfolio Manager and Proposal Editor and they seemed surprised when we mentioned that we use them ourselves to manage the evolution of Essential within our organisation (Yes, we do use our own tool).

Clearly, evolving Essential is a core part of our business, and it will come as no surprise to learn that there are many ideas for change and many competing priorities when it comes to defining the delivery order!

Objectivity not Subjectivity

Amongst others, we have a business model portfolio for Product Evolution, and we create proposals for change.  We then hold regular sessions where we use the Weighted Shortest Job First Priority functionality to set the delivery order.  This really does work very well in terms of taking away any seniority/shouting loudest/stating superior knowledge that often takes place when setting priorities.  You simply rate the proposals in terms of User/Business Value, Time Criticality, Risk Reduction/Opportunity Enablement and Job Size and the tool creates the order for you.  The order that comes out is often not what you expected, and the removal of subjective opinions means it is showing what is best for the business  – additionally it is clear to everyone involved how the delivery order was created, and so negates any disagreements.

See a video of the Business Portfolio Manager and Proposal Editor in action, or contact us to try it or discuss.

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