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We are considering our next steps for The Essential Toolkit, for example which extensions and upgrades should we concentrate on, and also for The Essential Project, for example should we concentrate on providing training, and if so in what form, community involvement etc.  We thought that a webinar might be a good idea to allow us to get the views from the community rather than us trying to best guest what is required.

Sometime ago we published a roadmap showing the key areas of development for Essential and our current idea of the requirements within each, however, it is not the intention to use this as a detailed plan, rather as an area where ideas and requirements are logged.  We would like the community to be key in adding to the requirements and setting the priorities for completion.  We have already completed a number of these, but we would now like your feedback in adding to the requirements and then prioritising them.

We are in the process of defining an accreditation process, the intention being to make it easier for users who want some external support to ensure that they are getting it from a source that has Essential expertise.  However, it has always been in our plans to offer some form of training on Essential and, again, we would love your feedback on the kind of training you would find useful.  For example, should the training address a specific architecture capability, such as ‘how to use Essential to manage the complexity and cost efficiency of my application portfolio’ or ‘How to use Essential to define my strategic IT architecture and create a transition plan’?  Or should we concentrate on a particular architecture layer, for example, giving a detailed understanding of the application architecture layer?   How would you like to receive the training, for example, onsite or offsite training courses, downloadable training packs, webinar courses etc?  There are numerous options and we want to ensure that we deliver what most suits your needs.

Additionally, we would love to hear what you have been using Essential for over the last year.  Your successes and also the issues and problems you have encountered, and we think an Essential Project webinar would be a great opportunity to do this.  We’re not looking for specific installation or technical issues, but a view of where Essential is providing value and areas that we need to concentrate on to ensure that it continues to add value in the coming years.  To that end, in addition to us presenting our roadmap and training thoughts, it would be great if a number of community members would be willing to speak about how they are using Essential, successes they have had and issues they have encountered, as well as any updates/extensions that they would like to see to make their lives easier.

For now, what we would really like to know is whether an Essential webinar would be of interest to you, whether you would like to attend such an event and whether you would be prepared to share your experiences with us and the community.  If you could spend a few seconds completing the poll on the left of the homepage it would be much appreciated.

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