Evolving Essential

Developing the core platform and providing attractive, value-focused views to support your business.

Our strategy is to make Essential accessible, globally, to organisations of all shapes and sizes, and to provide solutions that deliver value according to the different needs of our diverse user base; from large global businesses, through government agencies and charities to medium sized enterprises.

We will achieve this by continuing to invest in developing and extending the core platform to provide broader business value; through additional views and low cost add-ons and services that will make it quicker to achieve value from Essential

enterprise architecture strategy

We are listening to the feedback from our clients and community, and are looking to provide the solutions and services that they demand. This will be manifested in:

  • The development of Essential Cloud, including an on-premise option
  • Quicker ways to get data into Essential, with view loaders being the initial offering
  • Business-outcome focused lenses that provide the tools, views and methods to address common business problems
  • Lower cost access to training
  • Keeping the open source, protégé-based platform free and evolving, whilst providing additional services at a price point that is within reach of most budget holders.

Join the thousands of current users on our mission to make complex organisations easier to manage.