Sample Repository Coming (Very) Soon…

20/04 EAS General, news

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the forums you’ll know that we’re aiming to get the sample repository complete by this Friday 24th April. Sorry for the delay, we had some EAS client work we had to finish which meant we couldn’t dedicate as much time to this as we’d hoped. So, it should be Friday and it is a very simple example based on a fictional financial services company. We’ll look to extend it over time and also will look for people to give us ideas on where to extend it to help show how things are modelled.

On another note, we’ve reached the milestone of 500 downloads which is great to see. It’ll be nice to see how people are using it. If you’d be willing to share a bit about what you’re doing, how you’ve found using the tools, then let us know and we’ll publish some experiences.

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