Individualised portals are important

The importance of Individualised Portals in Essential

One of the things we stress when we onboard new clients to Essential is the importance of setting up individualised portals for different users or user roles.  For example, the CIO will want to see just a couple of high level dashboards that  focus on the areas of importance for them, which could be understanding cost, or risk, or rationalisation opportunities.  They do not want to be distracted by seeing lots of views and reports that focus on low level detail which is irrelevant to them.

Strategy Management Portal

An example Strategy Management portal


On the other hand, the application or integration architects do want to see this low level detail, along with the editors that they will use to maintain their specific data.  They are less interested in the overall dashboard views.

IT Portfolio Management Portal

An example IT Portfolio Management portal


If you have one mega portal for everyone it detracts from the experience and at worse means users will not engage and will not, therefore, get the insights that are available to support and guide their decision making.

Setting up individual portals for individual roles or user types is really easy using the Essential Viewer Configurator, and as there is no limit to the number of users or the number of portals that you can have, this should really be something that is a key part of the initial set up but that is also regularly reviewed to make sure that it is up to date.

Note that Essential is offered for an annual subscription from just $19,500 per year, which includes unlimited users as well as unlimited EA data, so there are no restrictions on adding more data or making the information available across the organisations, allowing real collaboration.

See more examples of portals in the Essential Online Viewer Demo or contact us to discuss.

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